Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Schools offering Finnish language courses in Oulu have now updated their home pages. To find information about courses that are available in Oulu take a look at the link list on right under Educational institutions. For more information contact the school that organizes the course you are interested in. In case you just don't know where to start you are welcome to visit Finnish Extra (Finnish language help centre) at Summer university to get advice and help in planning your studies.

Learning a new language can sometimes be hard, but it's also fun! Exactly the way some other hobbies we have.


rone said...


Thanks for offering a course of languagues.. I was wondering these types of classes and I want to join this course..


Rone from séjour linguistique cambridge

italiano said...

Not much heard about the finnish language, however i would like to know how it is spoken, not similar at all to italian i believe.

Anne said...

check the calendar in Finnish blog (the link is up on right) to find our online courses. We'll start new beginners' courses next autumn. Welcome to join!
Btw. italiano, not that much different... We'll be here on Friday: http://www.pohjois-pohjanmaankesayliopisto.fi/toimipaikat/oulu/kurssit/ammatillinen_taydennys/esitteet/finnish_extra_online.html

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